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At night I flew back home to earth missing my home as I stared down at normal people instead of them being creatures from another world like dragons, ghouls, and other creatures I have witnessed. I am staring at the home of the human world my real home.

"'s good to be home again!" I said as I viewed a city I have never seen before. "Hmm wonder where I am at?" I flew back down and landed in some empty ally and turned back as a human so no one would go crazy seeing a dragon that would get anyone all riled up. As I walked around I found an old newspaper blown from the wind as I picked it up and read to see where I am and as I read it said San Diego.

"Oh wow I am in San Diego California!" I was excited as I looked around the city and mountainous area. "Wow I sure wish to live here this place feels very nice." I smiled.

As I walked down I saw a girl running scared and being chased by three men and those men didn't look friendly. "Can I ever get a break...for once?" I rolled my eyes as I followed them and they were heading to the ally. "Perfect just what I need!" It was a perfect place for them to be no people and its dragon time and I turned to my dragon form and went in the ally. And finally caught up to them and saw the girl cornered by three thugs and I saw her pull out her giant pencil.

"Back off!" She said in an angry tone but the thugs laughed as they got closer.

"Hey assholes leave that girl alone!" I screamed and they turned and saw me and their eyes were wide and freaked out. Probably because I am a dragon of course but instead of them running in fear the one in the middle pulled out his knife while the other two pulled out there bats.

"Ok guys we can do this the easy...or the hard way?" I asked. One thug standing in the middle charge at me and I dodged and he crashed to a pile of trash cans. "I guess the hard way then." The second one charged with his bat and swung it at me and I grabbed it with my own bare hand gripping it and seeing him try and pull it out of my hand and the third thug with his bat charged and swung his bat and I grabbed it with my other hand and he tries to pull it out of my hand. Funny thing is they were trying so hard to do that.

"Come on guys you can do it!" I laughed as I see them get tired out from trying to get there bats back as I yawned. "Okay I am bored with you guys time to throw you two in the trash!" I swung them and they flew high up and landed in the dumpster and I closed the lid on them.

"We care of them!" I turned and saw the girl and she was very pretty. "You okay?" I asked her nicely.

"Yeah I am fine thanks for helping me." She said.

"No problem....well I better go." I turned as I start to leave.

"No wait! Don't go!" She grabbed my arm. "Can you at least tell me your name?" She asked in innocent eyes.

I smiled at her as I turned to face her as I closed my eyes I turned back to being human and smiled. "It's Jacob…but Jake if fine as well."

She smiled as she then looked up at me. "Well Jacob…I like to say thank you for helping me out with them." She smiled. "Here is a reward…" She got close to me and then she kissed me. My eyes went wide as I can't believe I was being kissed for the first time. Suddenly this kiss started to feel more than that as I pulled her closer as I heard moans coming from us as we pulled away we both just looked at each other blushing.

"Um…I…uh…that was…amazing?" I blushed scratching the back of my head.
She smiled as she took my hand and held it. "Want to go get some ice cream." She blushed.

"I love that." I blushed as I gripped on her hand as we walked to the ice cream store and I guess having our first date.

That day was amazing when we were first met and dated but after being chased by Demonics I told her about my life that I had to face and said I was going to be away for a while. She is sad to hear that and I thought this was the end of our date but it wasn't though she said she wait for me for my return. Not only was it my first kiss with a beautiful women but it was also the first love of my life that I should never let go. We have been together for 2 years now and hoping later in the future we truly would be together because I love her that much to never let her go.

The Star Dragons First Kiss by Star-Dragon22

©2012-2015 Star-Dragon22
This is something for Amy!:meow: :iconwordhero: Its something that I hope she likes its not much but...I hope she does like it.

This is a gift for our 2 year anniversary for the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life.:happycry: I love you Amy!:huggle:

We dated since Sept. 16th 2010. And were still strong!:love:
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WorldHero Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Student Filmographer
Awwwww~ :iconblushplz:
You made me cry at the end. :happycry:

You've actually gotten better at writing too! :meow:
Star-Dragon22 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
It kinda made me cry at the end too.:meow: I am glad you love it.:meow:

Wow really.:o Sweet!:meow:
WorldHero Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Student Filmographer
Giving you a kiss as a reward was rather cute. :meow:
Star-Dragon22 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Yeah it was pretty good idea.:meow:
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